Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic injuries to people. In New York, if you are injured due to the carelessness of another car or truck on the road or because of the carelessness of the driver of the car in which you are riding, you may have a claim for bodily injuries if your injuries are considered serious injuries under the law.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are similar to car accidents above except commercial vehicles may have various identities carrying separate insurance policies. If you suffered serious injuries caused by the careless driving of a truck, you may be entitled to money compensation for your injuries as well as lost wages and medical expenses.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle due to another's careless driving, you may be entitled to money compensation for your injuries. In most cases, your motorcycle insurance will not have no fault coverage that will cover your lost wages and medical expenses. However, you may be entitled to recover these losses in your claim against the careless driver as well as money compensation for your injuries.

Unsafe Construction Sites

Injuries on construction sites can be devastating and even life threatening. The State of New York and the Federal Government provide numerous regulations employers and contractors must follow to avoid these construction site injuries. In most cases Workers Compensation Insurance will cover your medical costs and lost wages.

Workplace Injury

Work place injuries are injuries that occur at work places, such as offices, restaurants, stores, factories and even driving in cars on work-related duties. The State of New York and the Federal Government provide numerous regulations employers must follow to avoid work place injuries. In most cases Workers Compensation Insurance will cover your medical costs and lost wages.

Dangerous Products

Sometimes when manufacturers are making products they cut corners in the interest of profits. When a manufacturer's product is defective in its design, in its making, or in its failure to warn and causes injury to people or property, the manufacturer and anyone who helped them get their product to the consumer, must pay money compensation for the harms their products caused.

Unsafe Properties

Unsafe properties involve known hazards that the landowner knows about or should know about but, for whatever reason, chooses not to remedy the hazard. When property owners fail to protect people from hazardous conditions on their property and people get injured, the property owners must pay money compensation for the harms they have caused.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence, also known as medical malpractice, involves actions or inactions by a doctor that no other reasonable doctor would have taken in similar circumstances. The rules in New York require that in most cases before a doctor can be sued, another doctor has rendered an opinion that the offending doctor's conduct fell below an acceptable standard of care.

Nursing Home Neglect

People in nursing homes rely on the home to assist them with many activities of daily living. If nursing homes fail to perform their duties carefully, fail to abide by their contract, and fail to follow the laws and rules and a resident is injured as a result of their carelessness the nursing home is required to pay money compensation for the harms they caused.

Dog Bites

If a pet owner knows or should know that their pet is a danger to people or property and fails to take proper precautions to prevent that danger, then the pet owner must pay money compensation for the harms their pet has caused. In rare cases, landlords too can be held responsible for the vicious pets of their owners.

Falls from Heights

New York's Labor Law contains what is commonly referred to as the Scaffold Law. This law provides protection to workers who are injured by a fall during construction, demolition, or repair work to a building. Because working from heights is so dangerous the legal protection for workers in the scaffold law is quite strong to prevent any safety shortcuts.

Criminal Defense

Our office represents people who have been charged with crimes in state and federal courts. We handle all aspects of criminal defense from homicides and drug conspiracies to petit larcenies and traffic infractions. While most criminal cases are resolved with plea bargains, we have taken many cases to trial and have obtained for our clients multiple complete acquittals in felony jury trials.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation typically involves lawsuits where businesses are on both sides of a lawsuit or where a business is on one side and an individual or individuals or the government are on the other side of the lawsuit. Our office has experience in representing developers, contractors, medical offices, restaurants, recycling businesses, law offices, liquor stores and individuals.

Wills and Estates

Drafting your Last Will and Testament states how you wish to pass on your earthly possessions as well as to name a guardian for your children under the age of eighteen. Having a Will gives you peace of mind and allows you to provide for your loved ones as you desire. Estates law involves probating the Will of a recently departed loved one.

Real Estate

Having a lawyer represent your interests during the purchase or sale of your home is necessary to ensure the effective transfer of your home. Our office has handled thousands of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. We advise that you call us first before you begin the process of buying and/or selling your home.